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Guitar pedals built to celebrate skateboarding and the creative freedom it stands for. Meet Skatedeck and Raw.


100% of profits go to Skateistan, an award-winning NGO that uses skateboarding and education to empower children.

Tone for change

Great Pedals,

Great Causes


We build exceptional guitar pedals for meaningful causes.

Tone for Change guitar pedals are story-driven and custom made.
100% of profits go towards causes that inspired their creation.

In the past 100 years, no sound has spurred more positive change and brought more people together than the tone of the electric guitar (with an “Oh yeah!” sung at a high pitch).

Tone for Change builds on a legacy of musical activism by making guitar pedals that help those in need. We give visibility to problems worth fixing and donate 100% of profits from pedal sales.


Tone for Change gives music fans a chance to contribute to a good cause, own a unique piece of gear and be a part of a memorable story.



Skateistan_Hero Images4_credit Andy Buch

It all started with one man and his three skateboards on the streets of Kabul in 2007. His idea became Skateistan, the first international development initiative to combine skateboarding with educational outcomes.


Although it started in Afghanistan, Skateistan now runs in Cambodia and South Africa too, reaching thousands of children and youth. What started with a board and four wheels is now an award-winning, international NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) with the mission of empowering children and youth through skateboarding and education. Almost 10 years on, Skateistan is creating leaders that make a better world. This is how it all began and how it came to be.


This is the Skateistan story so far…find out more at

Our story

Tone for Change was founded on the conviction that great guitar tone can change the world. The Skateistan pedal is the first 100% pro-charity project. Buckle up for more to come.



As a teenager, when David wasn’t rehearsing with his horror punk bands, he was tasting asphalt at the local skatepark. The iconography of skateboarding was his main art influence and his torn Powell Peralta t-shirt is still in his drawer today. He sees skateboarders as artists, and artists as flamingoes. He still can’t believe how fancy skateparks have gotten.


Growing up behind the iron curtain, skateboarding gave Antonin a way of self-expression and a middle finger to point at the system. When he became a tone engineer, one of his first projects was slapping a skateboard wheel on a guitar pedal. He is rarely seen without skate shoes.



After spending many years on hard 'n heavy stages while working for corporations Jakub decided to use his experience for creation of projects with impact and helping others. This even amplified after becoming a father. Helping children to be raised in a safe, loving and tolerant environment that brings opportunities and happiness is a great way to live a life.

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